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The Great Kira Fic Challenge

The Great Kira Fic Challenge

Yeah. Open to everyone - don't care what fandom you write for, but it would be nice if I knew what was going on.

So here's what's up. We're going to play a little game. I know there are people on my friend's list from all kinds of backgrounds who write all kinds of genres. And this won't be huge or large, so you don't have to stop writing what you're working on to do it.

The task? Write a double drabble - 200 words (but please, feel free to go over if you'd like) with the following qualifications:

1. Use this quote:
"Nothing is so common-place as to wish to be remarkable."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809-1894)

2. Humor, or something of the sort stuck in an angst piece would be nice.

3. A grocery store

Now, why is Kira doing this? It's simple - I've lost faith in my writing after 92,000 words committed to Chronic Vertigo and I need a pick me up. Please? *on knees* PLEASE? A present - hrmm...a custom LJ icon or wallpaper if you write something.

It would be *awesome* to see people who don't usually write fic give it a try. You know who you are. Just let it fly and see what comes out.

Umm....deadline is never. Post a link to the ficlet/drabble in the comments section.

I will love you forever. For.Ever.

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Here you go, not funny, but I'll write a funny one later (after my paper, grumble grumble). I hope that this helps, it's sorta dark, but enjoy!


Hear among the grapefruits and the pears, is where I breathe. In the supermarket at 3 in the morning, I am alone. There are a few people about, other lost souls wondering the crisply lit isles. The pear is soft under my touch, fragrant in the recycled air. It's just a pear, but on days like this it's more. I look at each one, lingering as my mind drifts off. I hear the squeak of a cart behind me, one of the wheels must be loose. Reaching without looking, my hand grasps for a bag. Instead of feeling the cold roll of thin plastic, I feel a warm hand. The first touch of heat since I walked in from the balmy night. Looking up, she's standing right there. Still in the suit she was wearing as her eyes caught mine across the wide cherry table. Her lip is slightly bruised, from biting it, she always does that when she's nervous.

"Fancy meeting you here?"

Little do I know that she was driving by, coming home late from a meeting, and recognized my car. She walked in looking for me, hoping to see me. It’s not often that we're alone together anymore, our minds not allowing for that, not allowing for the ‘what if’. But here we are, as alone as we'll ever be, with a soft pear in my hand, and a shopping basket in hers.

"We shouldn't keep meeting like this..."

"Then have dinner with me."


"No later. I want to talk to you, explain--"

"You don't have to explain."

"Yes I do. Or I'm going to go mad."

But the truth was that I was already mad. Mad because of her; mad for her.
Oooh. So very Vaughnish. That's our man. Mad because of her, but only in the crazy head over heels kinda way.

Sigh. And i think it was a happy moment. An angsty but happy moment.

92,000?? *jaw drops to floor* You are my hero. ;)

Hmmmmm... Double drabble eh, with a promise of a new icon...*pictures 6feetunder!Vaughn in her head*

I give in...I'll do it.

I think it was better when I was sick and stayed away from LJ. ;)
Remember, you asked for it.... *evil cackle*

(So I don't know code that well... sue me.. ;) )