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~creativity and support for writers~

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variorum (var-ee-OR-um) noun

1. An edition of the works of an author with notes by various scholars
or editors.

2. An edition containing various versions of a text.

Variorum is a community of writers who strive to help those who need/want it.


1. Post! Even if you think it's crap, please post a chapter. You never know what we can find within it that can make the whole thing better.

2. Respond! Variorum relies on the support and love of it's members. Even if you're rushed and have only a few minutes, let an author know what you think. We're here to support each other through the writing process, so be constructive.

3. Brainstorm! Have an idea? Don't know where to go? We're all writers, and thus, can help each other out. Group brainstorming is a great way to figure out a fic.

4. Respect! Respect others. Don't be mean, or flame.

We're here for each other, so please, be active!

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